Tools and resources that I use to develop my first game (repost)

This is a re-post from my old blog on another platform.

Here is the list of tools that I use for Ailin: Traps and Treasures development.

Most of the items here are free, others are quite affordable.

Godot Engine 3.5 - the game engine. I recommend it to everybody.

GodotSteam - Steamworks integration framework for Godot. The documentation is not perfect and lacks examples, but the community is really nice and helpful, so if you have trouble, just go to their Discord.

Aseprite - I did not use it before this project, but now I love it. It is a really good pixel-art editor which can help you even if you are not an artist (I am not). - the image editor that I use by default when it comes to cutting out and merging together some sprite sheets and larger images. For example, the final version of Steam art was edited with while the art itself was commissioned: I only needed to combine different elements together. I also did some asset editing in it.

I also used Krita, but that was one time and in a very specific situation. I needed to open a large PSD file and save it as a png.

Laigter - I used it to generate normal maps for the textures. Very easy to use, though I had to edit some of the normal maps as there were some seams on the edges.

BlastFX - I used it to generate a couple of particle effects which were saved as animations. I could have just used the particle system in Godot (and I use it in some cases), but I did not like the results for those specific cases. BlastFX seems to be more flexible.

PixelBasher - I used it only for one piece of assets only, but I think I will use it much more in the future. The tool is still in Early Access but seems very promising. 

1BitDragon - I used it to create music for the game. It is pretty simple to use.

ChipTone - I used it to generate sounds. Pretty easy to use, and you can get various retro/arcade sounds.

Audacity - I use it to process music and sounds. I usually apply some equaliser and occasionally other effects. I am not proficient with sound mastering at all, so I had to experiment a lot before I figured out how to achieve the results I wanted.

OBS Studio - I used it to record gameplay for trailer.

Adobe Premiere Rush - I used it to edit the current trailer of the game. The first trailer (which is not available anymore) I edited with Clipchamp, but that software is very limited and does not even allow to specify the output bitrate, resulting in artefacts.

Trello - I use a free account to manage my project and keep track of tasks that I need to do.

I use both Google Drive and Dropbox to store some files, for example, art for the Steam page. (UPD: I stopped using Dropbox because using two very similar services started to confuse me)

I use Google Docs and Google Keep to write documents (such as concept ideas) and notes.

I use GitHub for version control and as a backup system. I use GitHub Desktop as a client application.


OpenGameArt is an excellent source of textures, tilesets and icons.

FreeSFX is a good collection of various sounds. However, I only took one sound from it and changed it with Audacity. 

Google Fonts has a pretty big collection of free fonts which you can use in your projects.

IconDuck has a nice collection of free icons, but their licences are sometimes tricky. I took several icons from there with CC0 or similar licenses.