Tools and resources that I use to develop my first game (repost)

This is a re-post from my old blog on another platform.Here is the list of tools that I use for Ailin: Traps and Treasures development.Most of the items here are free, others are quite affordable.Godot Engine 3.5 - the game engine. I recommend it to every...
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New Game

I will not spoil the title of the game yet. Just describe the game itself.Genre: 2D co-op horror.References: Alien, Duskers (game), Pandorum (movie).A team of players boards a space ship to save people on board and retrieve data/valuables or eliminate the...
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New Website

The website is moved from Wix to Github Pages.I've been looking for a simple solution to replace Wix, but after some experiments with static site generators, I decided to go with another site builder: Nicepage. I use the free version, however, maybe I sho...
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